Got paint swatches? If you’ve got a smartphone nearby, you do.

If you’re like me, your phone helps you be better, smarter, and faster on the daily. Google helps me answer a gajillion questions a day from my kids, my boss, my husband, and more. And whether I need a healthy recipe for dinner, a yoga routine to de-stress, or an investment strategy for my 401k, there’s always an app for that. So when it comes to choosing paint colors, it’s no surprise to find several options in the App store. 


Today I’m going to tell you about Vivid.

Painting the interior or exterior of your home is one of the easiest ways to update your home’s style and refresh dated spaces. If you’ve got a great painter (ahem…we know where to find one) you just need to pick your colors and you’re off to the races. 

If choosing the colors is a daunting task for you, make your phone work for you with Vivid.

Skip the Trip

Maybe you don’t have time to schlep over to the hardware store for paint chips. Maybe you hate the thought of chopping down all those trees. Or maybe you’re just comfy on your couch and you don’t want to get up. Whoever you are and whatever your issues, Vivid lets you peruse paint colors from Sherwin-Williams, Behr, Benjamin Moore, Valspar, and Glidden right on your phone. You can search by brand, by color, or by name. If you see a color you love, save it to your list of favorites. Want more info? It’s a mere finger tap away. 

Memory Aid

Years ago I did a huge renovation project, turning a small and drab 1960’s rancher into a dream house big enough for my family of four. When it came time to paint the exterior, I obsessed for months, trying to find just the right shade of off-white exterior paint. I read magazines, haunted the hardware store, and almost drowned in paint chips. I even knocked on strangers’ doors to ask about paint when I saw a house color I loved. Finally, I settled on just the right shade, and when the house was done, I absolutely loved it. 

Fast forward ten years, one more kid, two job relocations, and three home renovations later. A dear friend in my new town asked me if I had any suggestions for a great off-white color for the exterior of her home. Of course I did! Except…I couldn’t remember the name—or even the brand—of the color! My brain had purged all the details of that renovation, and a recent fling with Marie Kondo’s aggressive purging techniques meant there was no way I had ten-year old renovation records. 

Enter Vivid. I had a vague memory that the paint color had the word “dove” in it, and I was thought maybe it was a Sherwin-Williams paint. I pulled up the app, typed “dove” into the search bar, and voila! As soon as I saw the colors that came up, I remembered. It was “White Dove” by Benjamin Moore! (“Dover White” by Sherwin-Williams was also a leading contender, but I ultimately decided it had too many yellow tones in it for that project.) Problem solved, friend happy, next question please. The smartphone wins again. 

Don’t Skip the Swatches Completely

Tiny color swatches on your phone probably won’t completely take the place of actual paint chips and sample pots. (Always test your paint on location before you commit!) But Vivid can certainly get you started and help you narrow down a list of your favorites. And if you’re into color, DIY design, and home renovation, it’s just plain fun. Check it out for IOS and Android! And when you’re ready to launch that paint job, don’t forget to Check Local for the best painters in town!

‘Appy Friday y’all! 

Charlie Hill loves Perdido, Watercolor, and all the Gulf Coast beaches.

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