Green Paint Colors for the Florida Coast

Check out our favorite shades of green paint for the Emerald Coast (and the rest of the Florida Panhandle!)

Have you ever wondered how the Emerald Coast got its name? If you’re lucky enough to live or vacation here, you know how beautiful our beaches are, and you’ve probably noticed the greenish hue to the water. But you may not know what causes the beautiful coloration. This stretch of the Florida shoreline isn’t muddied by sediment flowing from the Mississippi River, so the water itself is crystal clear. The green comes from the algae that lives in the water here. When the sun reflects off the algae, the water looks green. Don’t worry–the algae is perfectly natural and perfectly harmless! It just gives our beaches their unique and beautiful good looks!

The green water of the Emerald Coast is a prefect paint color inspiration.
Looking for a great paint color? Draw inspiration from the emerald shades of our beautiful coast!

Go Green

Here at Check Local, we love to draw inspiration from a home’s organic surroundings when choosing paint colors. Emerald hues are always on trend, lending a home vibrance and connecting it to natural world. In fact, Pantone has chosen shades of green as their Color of the Year twice in the last six years! If you’re thinking of going green, it pays to do a little research before you start your painting project. Do you want a deep, rich emerald or a light springy green? Do cool hues with blue undertones work well in your home, or should you look for a warmer shade with hints of yellow?

Check Out Check Local’s Paint Picks!

Over the years, we’ve come up with some favorite green shades that work well in homes across the Emerald Coast and beyond. Check them out, and visit our Pinterest board for even more inspiration for living in green! And when you’re ready to paint, be sure to CHECK LOCAL before you decide on a painter!

Check Local Painting Green Paint Suggestions for the Emerald Coast
These rich green paint colors look lovely in our coastal Florida environment.

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