Serene paint colors are good for bedrooms

Designer Input On Colors That Will Make Your Bedroom a Haven for Rest and Relaxation

3 Colors You Should Never Paint Your Bedroom.” That’s the name of a recent article from Domino, the interiors mag that’s beloved by stylists, designers, and DIYers everywhere. I have to admit, whenever I see headlines like that, I’m itching to click. “Never” is such a strong word…what colors could offend so much as to render themselves totally unacceptable for use in the bedroom? Are we talking black? Avocado green? Glow-in-the-dark ’80s neon?

A quick click tells me that the three paint colors in the Domino bedroom penalty box are white, yellow, and red. Red, I get. Bedrooms should be serene and soothing, not fiery and exciting. The primary activity that happens in a bedroom is sleep, right?

Red paint colors should be avoided in bedrooms.
This red bedroom might have you standing on the ceiling with excitement, but it doesn’t feel calm and serene for sleeping.

So what about yellow? I see beautiful yellow tones popping up all over design magazines and blogs these days. The sunshine-y hue evokes feelings of happiness and warmth. What’s so bad about that?

It’s all about energy, say designers. And although yellow isn’t quite as intense as red, it does have a high energy vibe that doesn’t feel conducive to sleeping.

Yellow Paint in bedroom
If you want to incorporate yellow in your bedroom, consider accents like pillows.

So if red and yellow are too energetic, what’s the issue with white? I love a neutral, and white is a such a fresh, clean palette. Why is Domino giving white a bad rap?

Turns out, it’s not all white shades the Domino designers have a problem with. Just stark, bright whites that can make a room feel overly bright and illuminated.

“One thing we would suggest is, if you are going to have white bedroom walls, it can be better to choose a white with some depth and complexity. Stark white can potentially over-brighten a room and keep you up at night,” advises Jamie Davis of Portola Paints.

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Which Paint Colors Are Good For Bedrooms?

If red, yellow, and bright white are off the list, what colors make the list for bedroom paint colors? For a good answer, I’ll turn to another great design resource, Elle Decor. They’ve got a list of recommended bedroom colors, and it’s chock-full of serene blues and grays. Amazing Gray and Mindful Gray by Sherwin-Williams. The horribly-named (imo) Elephant’s Breath by Farrow & Ball. And the perfectly named Calm by Benjamin Moore. All of these colors can go a long way toward turning your bedroom into a peaceful oasis for sleep.

Whatever colors you choose, it’s important to use a painter that pays attention to detail and delivers a flawless finish. You don’t want to be distracted by drips, splatters, and sloppy trim work as you’re trying to drift off to dreamland. Check Local can help you find the best painters in the Panhandle and Emerald Coast, so before you decide, always Check Local!

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