Our Picks for the Five Best Navy Paint Shades for Your Home 

Have you seen the Sherwin-Williams 2020 Color of the Year? Yes we know it’s only October, but the folks over at Sherwin-Williams are just ON THE BALL, and they’re kicking off the color forecast for 2020 with a terrific shade of navy called (wait for it)…Naval. 

We love Sherwin-Williams paint and we love navy blue. Especially here in our coastal area, navy is the dark neutral that can make your light and crisp interiors pop. Preppy, traditional, clean, or modern…navy can take on whatever personality you want to give it! 

We’re inspired by the Sherwin-Williams pick to dig into the blues a little bit and give you our current favorites when it comes to navy blue painty. Read on to find the best choice for your space!

Navy walls and furniture in a stylish room
Navy lends classic sophistication to modern and traditional spaces.

Get to Know These 5 Great Navy Blue Paint Colors

Naval – Sherwin-Williams

Rich, deep, warmer than Hague Blue, Drawing Room Blue looks soft and velvety on the walls. This color can look like a charcoal gray in some lights, and it’s perfect for a cozy den or library.

Charcoal Blue – Sherwin-Williams

Charcoal Blue is an intense, dark grayish blue. If you’re worried about your navy paint reading “too blue,” Charcoal Blue could be a good choice for you, as its gray undertones will keep the shade muted. This color looks great with greens, grays, taupes, and other neutrals. 

Hague Blue 30 – Farrow and Ball

Hague Blue is named for the intensely colored woodwork often used by the Dutch. It’s mysterious, evocative, and works in both traditional and modern spaces. It’s got a bit of a greenish gray undertone that makes this color truly unique.

Newburyport Blue – Benjamin Moore

Newburyport Blue is a great shade to use when you want to depth and richness of navy, but you don’t want the color to totally dominate the room. Slightly softer than Naval or the other options on this list, Newburyport Blue makes a great backdrop for artwork or rich curtains in a bedroom or family room.

Downpour Blue – Benjamin Moore 

To be fair, Downpour Blue isn’t a true navy. It’s lighter and a little greener than a classic navy, but it still belongs in the conversation because its just so beautiful. If peacock blue and navy blue had a baby…Downpour Blue might be what you’d get! Terrific in bedrooms, foyers, and even kitchens! 

Navy Paint is a Design Workhorse

Whichever navy shade you choose, you can’t go wrong with this classic style. If your style is nautical and crisp, stick with a true navy. Want something moody and romantic? Go for a darker, grayer shade with undertones of green. Walls always look good in a nice coat of navy, but don’t be afraid of painting trim, doors, and even cabinets in the rich hue.

Wherever you decide to make your mark with navy, make sure you hire a great painter when you decide to go for the blues. An experienced painter knows that dealing with dark, intensively pigmented paint means meticulous attention to detail is even more important. Mistakes and ragged cut lines really stand out with a dark shade like navy. With our curated list of top Panhandle painters, Check Local can match you up with the best painter for your job, saving you time and heartache! Call us today if you’re ready to schedule a free estimate!

Keep your home’s exterior looking fresh and functioning properly with spring maintenance

Spring has sprung! The warming coastal breeze here in the Panhandle has us all dreaming of the lazy beach days that will be here soon. But before let summer’s heat and humidity arrive in full force, you should take some time to check your home’s exterior for any needed maintenance and painting. Get it done now so you can kick back and relax when beach season is in full swing!

Peeling paint is a bad sign for your home's exterior.
Blistering and small cracks in your paint job can quickly lead to peeling.

Regular Maintenance is a Homeowner’s Best Friend!

Here on Florida’s coast, our homes take a beating. Salt, sun, sand, and moisture all take a serious toll on our siding and trim, and it’s important that we’re extra vigilant with maintenance. Now is a great time to inspect your exterior paint job. Are there any areas of fading or bubbling? Any places where sand and salt have worn away the paint and left exposed siding or trim work? You’ll want to take care of those spots right away to prevent long-term problems such as rotting wood and mold growth.

Mold and mildew grow quickly in Florida’s humid climate. Keep them at bay with regular maintenance and a fresh paint job.

A great painter can help you size up your home’s exterior and determine any necessary maintenance steps. You may only need minor repairs, such as caulking and paint touch-ups. But if a complete paint job is in order, we’re here for you with great inspiration boards on Pinterest. Check out our Coastal Exteriors board for beachy-chic ideas, or our Exterior Colors board for a wide variety of inspiring photos and links. And when you’re ready to get started, don’t forget to Check Local for the best painters in town!