Designer Input On Colors That Will Make Your Bedroom a Haven for Rest and Relaxation

3 Colors You Should Never Paint Your Bedroom.” That’s the name of a recent article from Domino, the interiors mag that’s beloved by stylists, designers, and DIYers everywhere. I have to admit, whenever I see headlines like that, I’m itching to click. “Never” is such a strong word…what colors could offend so much as to render themselves totally unacceptable for use in the bedroom? Are we talking black? Avocado green? Glow-in-the-dark ’80s neon?

A quick click tells me that the three paint colors in the Domino bedroom penalty box are white, yellow, and red. Red, I get. Bedrooms should be serene and soothing, not fiery and exciting. The primary activity that happens in a bedroom is sleep, right?

Red paint colors should be avoided in bedrooms.
This red bedroom might have you standing on the ceiling with excitement, but it doesn’t feel calm and serene for sleeping.

So what about yellow? I see beautiful yellow tones popping up all over design magazines and blogs these days. The sunshine-y hue evokes feelings of happiness and warmth. What’s so bad about that?

It’s all about energy, say designers. And although yellow isn’t quite as intense as red, it does have a high energy vibe that doesn’t feel conducive to sleeping.

Yellow Paint in bedroom
If you want to incorporate yellow in your bedroom, consider accents like pillows.

So if red and yellow are too energetic, what’s the issue with white? I love a neutral, and white is a such a fresh, clean palette. Why is Domino giving white a bad rap?

Turns out, it’s not all white shades the Domino designers have a problem with. Just stark, bright whites that can make a room feel overly bright and illuminated.

“One thing we would suggest is, if you are going to have white bedroom walls, it can be better to choose a white with some depth and complexity. Stark white can potentially over-brighten a room and keep you up at night,” advises Jamie Davis of Portola Paints.

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Which Paint Colors Are Good For Bedrooms?

If red, yellow, and bright white are off the list, what colors make the list for bedroom paint colors? For a good answer, I’ll turn to another great design resource, Elle Decor. They’ve got a list of recommended bedroom colors, and it’s chock-full of serene blues and grays. Amazing Gray and Mindful Gray by Sherwin-Williams. The horribly-named (imo) Elephant’s Breath by Farrow & Ball. And the perfectly named Calm by Benjamin Moore. All of these colors can go a long way toward turning your bedroom into a peaceful oasis for sleep.

Whatever colors you choose, it’s important to use a painter that pays attention to detail and delivers a flawless finish. You don’t want to be distracted by drips, splatters, and sloppy trim work as you’re trying to drift off to dreamland. Check Local can help you find the best painters in the Panhandle and Emerald Coast, so before you decide, always Check Local!

Charlie Hill loves Perdido, Watercolor, and all the Gulf Coast beaches.

Color Recommendations for Coastal Homes From the Experts

It’s not hard to find curated lists of paint colors on the Internet. We’ve got quite a few right here on this site, plus more on our Pinterest boards. Lots of inspiration and info is always a good thing when you’re making a big decision, and choosing the perfect paint color can send some people into a full-scale anxiety attack. If you’re one of those people, we’re here for you with the best lists from the best sources and the best designers.

When it comes to sources of info for coastal homes, it doesn’t get much better than Coastal Living. I follow these folks all over the Internet, and I still shell out a few bucks for the print magazine when I feel a craving for some old-fashioned glossy paper in my hands. When it comes to interiors and exteriors, they’ve got my favorite beach house vibe dialed in. So when Coastal Living curates a list of decorator-approved paint colors, I’m gonna tell you about it. Like I said, we’re here for you!

The newest 2019 collection of paint colors comes to you in the form of a slideshow. (Sidebar question: do you like an article in slideshow form? I’m not a fan–I hate all that extra clicking. I always accidentally end up clicking on an ad. Hmmm…maybe that’s the point!) Anyway, there are ten colors in this collection, but I’m only going to tell you about six. Because the other four–in my opinion–range from meh to hell no. One is called Churlish Green for Pete’ sake. Churlish? Who wants churlish? I’ll stick to Rapture, Paradise, and Love & Happiness please.

First up is Andrew Howard’s recommendation: Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. Howard is a designer based in Jacksonville who creates swoon-worthy spaces all over the East Coast. I mean that literally. I have actually swooned over some of his designs. Like this one. Please. Give me all the Andrew Howard.

Off White Paint Color for Coastal Homes

Chantilly Lace is a lovely off-white color that serves as a perfect fresh and neutral backdrop for any coastal home. As Howard says, “you can still do no wrong with white shiplap, tongue and groove, or board and batten inside a coastal home.” Even though I love color, I’m 100% here for an off-white palette. It’s just so soothing, and it lets you add pops of color with textiles, rugs, and art. And you simply cannot go wrong with an off-white color like Chantilly Lace. Want more neutral inspo? We’ve got a Pinterest board for that!

Green Blue Paint Color for Coastal Homes

Next up on the parade of great paint colors is Mally Skok’s favorite: Pale Powder by Farrow and Ball. Skok is a South-African born designer who is based out of Massachusetts. She’s pretty far from the Panhandle, but her bright and fun aesthetic translates well to any coastal area. Pale Powder is a pale greenish-blue hue that makes me think of serene off-season mornings at the beach when it’s cool and a little foggy.

Warm Gray Paint Color for Coastal Homes

Skok says “It never intrudes or fights with any other colors in the rest of the scheme and looks stunning against detailed white painted woodwork.” I say it’s a neutral that will fade into the background, but will still impart a sense of serenity and fresh calm. Speaking of neutrals…Benjamin Moore‘s Edgecomb Gray makes it onto the list as Jade Joyner’s choice. Edgecomb Gray is a no-fail option that will keep things calm and collected and work with any style, from modern to traditional.

Ready to move on from the neutrals?

Pale Pink Paint color for coastal homes

Gray not your thing? Joyner also recommends something a little different when it comes to beach house paint. “For something totally unexpected in a beach house, I like Love & Happiness by Benjamin Moore–and not just because of the name. It’s a soft pink that looks amazing with pops of color.”

Warm Peach Paint Color for Coastal Homes

If Love & Happiness isn’t enough color for you, check out designer Meg Braff’s pick. She pops into the mix with a riff on the coral hue that’s perfectly on-trend this year. Paradise Peach by Benjamin Moore is a warm and inviting color that’s a great option for people who are ready to stray from the classic salty blue and white scheme. It’s not for everyone, but I love this one. It just screams HAPPY!

Blue Paint Color for Coastal Homes

And speaking of blue…we can’t have a list of coastal paint colors without at least one true blue hue. (How do you like that rhyme action?) Luckily Cathy Austin comes to the rescue with her pick: Rapture Blue by Sherwin-Williams. This is a pretty intense shade of blue–a little too intense for me if I’m really being honest. But if you’re looking for a saturated color that will stand up well to our relentless Florida sunshine, this could be a great option.

Pick a color that makes you happy!

Color is intimately linked with emotion, so picking the right shade for your home is seriously important stuff. There’s no need to stress about it though. Think about the emotion you want to associate with your home, and go from there. Is it calm and refreshed? Go with a cool neutral. Prefer something vibrant and exciting? Think about bolder and brighter paint colors. If creating a cozy and nurturing environment is your ultimate goal, you should consider a warm and inviting hue.

Hire an expert to get the job done right

Whatever colors you end up choosing, remember that even the most beautiful paint colors will look shoddy if the paint job isn’t done right. When it comes time to hire the best painter for your job, Check Local can help. They’ve got a curated list of the best painters in the Panhandle and Emerald Coast, and they can hook you up with the best one for you job.

Stay tuned for more great painting tips and tricks coming soon y’all!

Charlie Hill loves Perdido, Watercolor, and all the Gulf Coast beaches.

Check out our favorite shades of green paint for the Emerald Coast (and the rest of the Florida Panhandle!)

Have you ever wondered how the Emerald Coast got its name? If you’re lucky enough to live or vacation here, you know how beautiful our beaches are, and you’ve probably noticed the greenish hue to the water. But you may not know what causes the beautiful coloration. This stretch of the Florida shoreline isn’t muddied by sediment flowing from the Mississippi River, so the water itself is crystal clear. The green comes from the algae that lives in the water here. When the sun reflects off the algae, the water looks green. Don’t worry–the algae is perfectly natural and perfectly harmless! It just gives our beaches their unique and beautiful good looks!

The green water of the Emerald Coast is a prefect paint color inspiration.
Looking for a great paint color? Draw inspiration from the emerald shades of our beautiful coast!

Go Green

Here at Check Local, we love to draw inspiration from a home’s organic surroundings when choosing paint colors. Emerald hues are always on trend, lending a home vibrance and connecting it to natural world. In fact, Pantone has chosen shades of green as their Color of the Year twice in the last six years! If you’re thinking of going green, it pays to do a little research before you start your painting project. Do you want a deep, rich emerald or a light springy green? Do cool hues with blue undertones work well in your home, or should you look for a warmer shade with hints of yellow?

Check Out Check Local’s Paint Picks!

Over the years, we’ve come up with some favorite green shades that work well in homes across the Emerald Coast and beyond. Check them out, and visit our Pinterest board for even more inspiration for living in green! And when you’re ready to paint, be sure to CHECK LOCAL before you decide on a painter!

Check Local Painting Green Paint Suggestions for the Emerald Coast
These rich green paint colors look lovely in our coastal Florida environment.

Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year Makes a Great Paint Color for the Florida Coast

When you’re looking for paint color inspiration, you definitely want to check out all the colorific awesomeness that Pantone has to offer. (If you think Pantone is a fancy Italian sweet bread, think again. That’s panettone…also awesome, but in a carb-y, delicious kind of way.) So what’s Pantone? Pantone, in their words, “provides a universal language of color that enables color-critical decisions.” They offer a proprietary color matching system that designers, printers, and architects love. For the homeowner and design enthusiast, their website is a treasure trove of color information and inspiration.

Coral makes a great paint color for the Florida coast.
Pantone’s Living Coral is a warm and inviting hue that will brighten your home’s interior or exterior.

Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year has us feeling the coastal vibes and wishing for summer. Living Coral seems tailor-made for the Florida Coast. It’s warm coral hue says, “Welcome to the beach. It’s warm and sunny here–why don’t you stay a while?” Living Coral would be a great interior wall color for a coastal home or a peppy exterior accent color for a beach cottage. And now that Pantone has crowned it the color of the year, you’re sure to see warm coral hues popping all over the design scene.

If you’re loving the coral vibe like we are, check out Check Local’s Pinterest board inspired by Living Coral. Before you know it, you’ll be painting your powder room Ardent Coral (Sherwin-Williams) and setting your front door All-a-Blaze (Benjamin Moore). If coral doesn’t float your boat, seek inspiration from Pantone’s color choices from previous years, or visit our other coastal-inspired color boards. When it comes to choosing paint colors, we’ve got you covered! And if you’re ready to get started with that paint job, we’re here for you with the best painter recommendations. Before you decide, always Check Local!