Experts Agree That Fresh Neutral Paint Can Up Your Sales Price

If you’ve ever sold a home before, you already know how important it is to clear out unnecessary junk and keep the place sparkling. Your home should present a fresh and clean face to potential buyers–you want them to be able too see themselves in the space. If your decor has too much personality (or too much clutter), they may not be able to visualize how their own style will work in the space.

If you’re drawn to assertive and eclectic color palettes and your walls reflect your penchant for bright and bold, you’ve probably been advised to paint by a realtor or a nosy neighbor. But even if your interiors are already relatively neutral, painting can be a great pre-listing move. Chipped trim and dingy walls full of nail holes just don’t inspire the love. And when you’re looking to move real estate fast, you want every buyer to fall in love with your home.

Yellow Painted House
This house may seem charming and appealing, but according to Zillow, you should think twice before choosing yellow paint.

Zillow Paint Analysis Shows Clear Trends

In 2018, Zillow published their Paint Color Analysis with insights from over 135,000 sold home photos. Perhaps unsurprisingly, their sales price analysis showed a sales price premium for homes with cool, neutral paint colors. When it comes to bathrooms, pale grayish blue reigns supreme, while living spaces seem to demand a warm-toned neutrals. A red kitchen is a no-no, as is a brown dining room and a yellow exterior (yellow homes sold for roughly $3,400 less, on average). Perhaps the most surprising paint color insight from Zillow’s study? A black or charcoal gray door can add over $6,000 to the average sales price of a home!

Red painted walls are an intense choice in the kitchen.
Intense red walls in the kitchen may be off-putting to come home buyers.

Get Inspired and Get Sold!

If you’re thinking of sticking that For Sale sign in your yard, think about painting first. Selling your home can be a process full of headaches and hassles–let Check Local Painting take something off your to-do list! Our curated list of the best painters in the Panhandle and Emerald Coast communities is a terrific resource when you need to get things done pronto. And if you need inspiration, check out our collection of great neutral paint colors over on Pinterest!

Check Local Painting Neutral Paint Pinterest Board
We’ve got lots of great ideas for painting inspiration on our Pinterest page.

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